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tax.point and tax.point online

tax.point is an invaluable source of tax information for chartered accountants in practice and in business. Published monthly, this service will...

‘Micro’ Sample Audit File

A short but compliant example of an audit file for a very small company. See also Sample Audit File

Audit Exempt Work Programme 2013 (Republic of Ireland)

Audit exempt clients may now be your practice’s biggest risk. With turnovers of up to €8.8m there are a lot of ways to get it wrong. Control the ri...

TaxGather&Check CD

Tax Gather & Check – Tax Checklists for 2013

Great news for Tax Practitioners – new 2013 version now available!  A good start is half the work! The toolkit will help you to improve your...

FCA Career Evening - Re-Inventing your Career Focus on Technical & Regulatory Career Opportunities

There are many career directions Chartered Accountants can take. The most important thing to remember is that the qualification provides you with...

Business Plan Modelling using Excel (NI)

This course is designed for Accountants who have had limited involvement in business planning on Excel and require more competence in business...

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