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Admissions to Membership

On admission to associate membership, you join an elite network of over 25,000 professionals, many operating at the highest levels of Irish business. As an Associate Chartered Accountant, you hold Ireland’s premium accountancy qualification with all the opportunities for advancement, earning potential and sector mobility that it confers. If you want to travel, you will be supported internationally by our network of reciprocal agreements with other Chartered bodies.

Associate membership, as distinct from someone who has just passed their examinations, is crucially important to your future employer. In reality, employers regularly contact the Institute to confirm that a candidate for interview is a full associate member in good standing, so it is important to ensure your professional status is accurate.

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CA Diary unavailable from 11th April - advice for trainees and mentors

Autumn Admissions Ceremony

The 2017 autumn admission ceremonies will take place in Belfast 19 October |Dublin 12 October. The closing date for applications from candidates wishing to attend the autumn graduation is Tuesday 6 June. Our conferring ceremonies mark a significant milestone in your career and allow you to celebrate your achievement with family, colleagues and classmates.

How do I Apply for my Membership?

  1. Login to your CA Diary using the CA Diary Login page
  2. Click on "Admission to Membership" and print off the form
  3. Complete your Membership Application Form, along with your CA Diary Record (this is a summary of your experience)
  4. Return the above with your relevant fees due to:
    Rose Cotter
    Admission to membership
    Chartered Accountants House,
    47 Pearse St,
    Dublin 2,

If you have any queries regarding your application, please consult the Admissions FAQs below or alternatively contact Rose Cotter

Admissions FAQs

  1. I received an invoice which includes fees for previous years, can you please explain how my fees have been calculated?

    Admission to membership fees are set by Council and backdated to student’s eligibility date to make the application. Your eligibility date is the later of the training contract expiry date or the FAE pass date.

  2. What period do my fees cover?

    Your invoiced admission fees will run you up until 31st December 2017. Going forward as a new member, you should expect to receive an invoice every January in respect of annual subscriptions. The rate of subscription from year to year may vary and is set by Council at their final annual meeting each December for the following year.

  3. I can’t access my CA Diary / my mentor has left the company / any other CA Diary queries.

    For Help & Guidance on completing your CA Diary, please see CA Diary page [Student Site].

    For all other CA Diary queries, please contact the Training Support Unit: studentqueries@charteredaccountants.ie

  4. The application form has a section that mentions an IT and Company law module, I don’t recall sitting these exams?

    Please disregard this section (leave it blank) if you have completed the new FAE syllabus (from 2011 onwards) as the modules have been incorporated into your FAE course.

  5. I thought I had a year to apply under the time bar rule, is this not the case?

    Under the time bar rule students have 12 months from the eligibility date to make the application. Please note however, that your admission fees are back dated to your eligibility date so if you hold off on applying until next year you will be liable for back subscriptions.

  6. What is the closing date for applications?

    The next closing date for receipt of applications to our office is 6 June.

  7. When will I become a member?

    Applications received up to and including 6 June will be presented for approval by the Oversight Board on 14 June (providing there are no queries on your application). The approval date will become your ACA commencement date.

    Confirmation of membership approval will be sent by email in the 5 working days following the Oversight Board meeting.

  8. When is the next graduation ceremony?

    The 2017 autumn admission ceremonies will take place in Dublin 12th October |Belfast 19th October. Our Conferring ceremonies mark a significant milestone in your career and allow you to celebrate your achievement with family, colleagues and classmates.

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