Are you getting iXBRL filing errors?

Sep 25, 2017

Members have told us that they have experienced some filing errors when uploading iXBRL financial statements via Revenue Online Service (ROS).  We have brought these errors to Revenue’s attention and are told that Revenue has yet to establish whether the errors are software specific or whether there is a technical difficulty with the Revenue’s systems.  We have provided details on the procedure to follow to deal with iXBRL filing issues. 

According to Revenue: “if  practitioners are having difficulties uploading iXBRL files, then they should attempt to upload the file in ROS and send the .html file and a copy of the error messages received to the iXBRL Helpdesk ( We [Revenue] will then respond with a statement as to whether the error message(s) received require further investigation.

By doing this, the filer will have evidence that they have attempted to upload their file on or before the due date, and they can therefore contact the district through MyEnquiries should they require repayments, refunds or tax clearance, using our email response and the ROS record as evidence that they have been prevented from uploading their iXBRL financial statements due to technical issues.”

You are reminded that, for companies obliged to file their financial statements in iXBRL, iXBRL returns are due within three months of the corporate tax return filing deadline. Therefore for companies with a 31 December 2016 year end, iXBRL returns are due no later than 23 December 2017. However, refunds won’t be paid until the iXBRL financial statements are filed. 

You can read more on iXBRL on our iXBRL webcentre.