Chartered Accountants Worldwide

Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW) is a global family that brings together over 1.8 million Chartered Accountants and students in more than 185 countries.

CAW is a family of Chartered Accountancy institutes from around the world that uphold the highest technical and ethical standards. Together, we support, develop and promote the role of Chartered Accountants as trusted business leaders, decision makers and advisers.

Chartered Accountants have been involved with setting global standards and leading development for the accounting professional since the beginning. Through its member institutes, CAW is committed to promoting the expertise and skills of Chartered Accountants and the value they can offer to businesses, organisations, individuals and communities around the world.

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What is Chartered Accountants Worldwide?

CAW is a global family that brings together the members of leading institutes to create a community of over 1.8 million Chartered Accountants and students in more than 185 countries.

What is the purpose of Chartered Accountants Worldwide?

One of the benefits CAW offers its members is the ability to connect. Together we host events around the globe allowing Chartered Accountants to come together to network and share best practice. In addition, we share best in class thought leadership from the world's leading institutes via social media channels and through the insights section of the CAW website.

The pace of change and advancement of technology means that as a profession, we need to embrace change and keep evolving to safeguard the future. CAW makes it its business to educate its members on topics such as digital disruption, ethics and integrity - thus ensuring everyone is fully equipped to navigate their way through the digital age – adding value to businesses worldwide.

Supporting members' mobility is the reason why CAW has an International hub on its website. We want to support our members wherever they are working around the world and allow current and future members to see the possibilities that being part of such a trust designation brings. For further information about Chartered Accountants Worldwide, please visit

One Young World - Youth leadership summit

CAW annually sponsors a group of young Chartered Accountants, aged between 18 and 35, from across our member bodies to take part in the youth leadership summit, One Young World.

One Young World gathers together the brightest young leaders from around the world, empowering them to create positive change. As well as representing CAW and their home institutes, our delegates have the chance to network, debate, make long-lasting connections and discuss innovative solutions for solving some of the world's issues. Our delegates 'fly the flag' for young Chartered Accountants, demonstrating how the analytical and problem-solving skills of a Chartered Accountant can contribute to improving the world we live in.

What are the benefits of being a Chartered Accountants Worldwide member?

CAW continues to build Chartered Accountants' position as the professional designation of choice among business leaders, financial experts and accounting specialists. Chartered Accountants know the foundation stones of prosperity are relevant skills and complete integrity of perspective. The importance of ethics, integrity and trust are the bedrock of what we – as a profession – believe in.

In order to ensure the future of the Chartered Accounting profession, CAW strives to attract the brightest and best to the designation. This designation is trusted the world over to create prosperity and make a difference for – and to – individuals, companies, industries, communities, societies and economies across the globe.

Be part of something bigger with the Global Network Member Logo

Show the world that you are a Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network Member by using the new CAW Network Member logo. This logo is available to all Chartered Accountants Ireland members and can be download and placed on your stationery, website, business cards and documents.

The logo is a badge which shows you are a ‘Chartered Accountant Worldwide Network Member’ for you to use in relevant business situations as you see fit. It isn’t a qualification or a designation, it’s a way to show you are a Chartered Accountant who is part of a wider global network.  

Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network USA

From 19 November 2020 ACAUS (The Association of Chartered Accountants USA) and Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW) will join together to form Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network USA to provide support and to connect over 7,000 Chartered Accountants who are living and working in the USA.

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