Are you missing a tax refund?

Dec 11, 2017

Approximately €9.8 million in tax refunds have been cancelled by Revenue.  At a recent TALC meeting, Revenue told us that due to missing nominated bank account details for income tax refunds for mandatory e-filing cases, 4,300 refunds for 2015 (€6.4m) and 1,800 refunds for 2016 (€3.4m) have been cancelled.  These refunds need to be re-activated. 

To reactivate the refunds in these cases, Revenue tells us that:

  1. The bank details need to be put on record, and
  2. There needs to be contact with the Tax District to get the refund regenerated, merely putting the bank details on now won't restart the refund.

For details on mandatory eRepayments and nominated bank accounts read Revenue eBrief No. 45/16