Chartered Accountants Ireland hosts major international auditing academic conference

May 25, 2018

This week Chartered Accountants Ireland was delighted to host the 28th Audit & Assurance Conference of the British Accounting & Finance Association (BAFA).

This is a major event in the academic conference calendar which attracts academics from Ireland, the UK, and beyond.  The Institute welcomed some 90 leading academics specialising in the area of statutory audit and who received a number of academic research papers and case studies on statutory audit and the role of auditors.

Plenary sessions addressed the future of audit and assurance, and the future of audit standard setting and included contributions from Big 6 audit partners, regulators, and standard setters.

At the commencement of the 2 day conference, Dr Ilias G Basioudis, chairman of the Auditing Group of BAFA said:

"This conference is taking place at a critical time for the auditing profession.  Over the next two days we shall be discussing major challenges facing audit and possible measures that might be considered to underpin public confidence in the profession and provide a greater understanding of the role of audit. 

"Crucially, we shall also debate what more can done by auditors to provide assurance on company viability, recognising that this debate will require legislative change and input from audit practitioners, regulators and legislators.  The fact that this conference has attracted contributors from around the world also demonstrates the global nature of the auditing profession and the importance of identifying confidence building measures and initiatives that have global acceptance and are capable of global application."

Click here for images from the conference.