Fifth meeting of OECD Forum on Tax and Crime

Nov 13, 2017

More than 200 tax crime and economic crime experts from around the world recently met in London as part of the OECD’s forum on Tax and Crime.  The Forum brought together experts in tax, customs, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, policing and prosecution, to discuss threats posed by tax crime, the progress made in combating it, and the priorities for action.  Ireland and the UK were represented at this Forum.

The conference identified five priorities for action:

  1. Ensure that professional enablers help people pay the tax they owe, and play their part in tackling tax crime.
  2. Step up the level of international and cross-government co-operation to build a comprehensive and global response to tax crime.
  3. Learn the lessons from around the world about how best to respond to tax crime by implementing the OECD's Ten Global Principles.
  4. Strengthen the ability to collaborate globally and by building capacity to share intelligence and data quickly and securely.
  5. Build capacity in all countries - including developing countries - to combat financial crimes so that there can be no hiding place for tax criminals.