Technical Enquiry Service

Technical Enquiry Service

Chartered Accountants Ireland offers a Technical Enquiry Service to all members on accounting and auditing issues. Our Technical Enquiry Service team cannot provide opinions or offer advice but can help to signpost relevant guidance and information to enable members to form their own judgements. While a consultant may suggest information to help the member, only the member will have all the information necessary to arrive at a suitable conclusion. The views expressed are the personal views of the sender and should not be taken to represent the views of the Institute.

The Technical Enquiry Service is not a substitute for professional judgement nor is it intended as such.  Information is provided on the sole basis that neither the Institute, its staff nor its panel of advisors are liable for breach of contract, negligence (including negligent misstatement) or otherwise for:

•       Any loss resulting from any error, omission or inaccuracy in the information supplied

•       Any loss resulting from any act done (or not done) in the reliance on the information supplied

The Technical Enquiry Service is not a substitute for independent research or professional advice, nor is it intended as such.  Members (and/or their clients) are advised to make suitable arrangements in appropriate cases for detailed research to be undertaken or professional advice obtained where necessary.

Members are encouraged to carry out their own research before contacting the Technical Enquiry Service and can be facilitated in doing so by using CHARIOT which is available online on this site.


Your enquiry will be treated in strict confidence. If the nature of your enquiry is ethical the consultant will be exempt from the duty to report misconduct, hence details will not be divulged to third parties, including other departments of Chartered Accountants Ireland, unless you request or consent to this.

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To search the site simply fill in your search query in the top right hand corner of this page. CHARIOT results are incorporated into the search results of the rest of the site.


Technical queries:

Your technical query can be emailed, with your membership number, to

General practice questions:

Please contact our Practice Consulting Team at if you have general practice questions, including:

  • Client engagement and disengagement, audit resignations, including access to information by successor accountant/auditor
  • Data protection/GDPR and retention of files
  • Practice toolkits and publications
  • Incorporation of a practice
  • Auditor duration
  • Audit exemption


Please email student/education queries to 


Please email CPD queries to 


The Institute’s Ethics Resource Centre is available here:]. CARE (Chartered Accountants Responsible Ethics) is a confidential service which aims to provide helpful guidance primarily for Members in Business facing ethical and/or legal problems affecting their professional integrity and independence. You can find out more about this service here:


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