Information on taking an E-Assessment

How to get started includes:

  • Essentials: Valid Identification | Environment | Systems check
  • System requirements, systems/hardware not supported by E-Assessment
  • Mock exams access
  • On-boarding process for an exam
  • What to do on exam day
  • Issues & Applying for reasonable accommodation

CAP1 E-Assessment includes:

  • What exams will I need to take the E-Assessment platform?
  • DEBK assessment, Law exam & Management accounting
  • How to schedule my first time slot for my on-demand exam?
  • How do I reschedule my on-demand exam?
  • If I fail my exam how do I book a resit?

E-Assessment FAQs includes:

  • What happens if a student cannot log into a particular exam?
  • Will the new platform cope with “reasonable accommodation” cases?
  • Can students bring a dictionary into the exam?
  • Is the new exam platform compliant with GDPR requirements?