Chartered Accountants SUPPORT (Benevolent)

Chartered Accountants Ireland is a community of professionals. At times, members of this community will experience setbacks, either personal or professional, which they need additional assistance to overcome. It is easy to be overwhelmed and see problems as insurmountable, but Chartered Accountants SUPPORT can provide both practical and emotional assistance to help you take the first steps on to a more positive future.

Members who wish to make a one off payment can use the donation button below.


Who is Chartered Accountants SUPPORT for?

Chartered Accountants SUPPORT can assist students and members of both Chartered Accountants Ireland and Accounting Technicians Ireland or their dependants.

When does Chartered Accountants SUPPORT help?

Chartered Accountants SUPPORT is available to help at any stage of a member or student’s career and each case is considered in complete confidence.

How does Chartered Accountants SUPPORT help?

Chartered Accountants SUPPORT carefully considers the requirements of each situation and can facilitate a number of services such as career support, training and development, professional counselling and, where appropriate, financial grants.

How do I access SUPPORT?

Contact Dee France, Support Co-Ordinator, Chartered Accountants SUPPORT.
Ph: +353 1 637 7342


Support donation

Download one of the forms below, you can also find links for information on the tax relief available on charitable donations.

Once off donation:

Recurring donations:

Apply for Tax Relief on donations

Tax Relief for NI/UK Donations:

Tax Relief for ROI Donations of €250 or more:

Have a query?

If you have a query, please refer to our Support & Services page and contact the relevant department with your query.

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