Introduction to Root Cause Analysis for Audit and Accountancy


Every organisation faces problems. This course will explore how Root Cause Analysis (RCA) provides a more structured approach to problem solving, leading to better solutions, stronger teams and improved outcomes.RCA enables you to systematically analyse the cause-and-effect relationships of any event or deficiency. It identifies ways to stop negative events reccuring, improve quality and reduce risk for all stakeholders.

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Chartered Accountants House, , Dublin
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19 November 2019 09:30
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19 November 2019 13:30
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Ed Wells


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CPD course
Financial reporting

Who should attend

This course is suitable for audit and accountancy professionals across all roles who are seeking to understand and potentially implement a logical, scalable and transferable approach to problem solving and quality management.Delegates whose responsibilites include accountability, performance, quality management, compliance and risk will benefit from the tools and techniques covered during this interactive session.

Course overview

  • An introduction to structured problem solving
  • The 5-Steps of the Sologic RCA method
  • Identify essential sources of data for problem solving
  • Clearly define a problem and its impacts
  • Use the cause and effect chart to identify potential solutions
  • Generate and evaluate solutions
  • Assess the essential elements of RCA reporting

Key learning outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of structured problem solving
  • Describe the essential steps of RCA
  • Uncover sources of valuable data
  • Define and scope a problem clearly
  • Create and understand cause and effect charts
  • Generate and critique solutions
  • Create a basic RCA report

Speaker Bio

Sologic is the worlds's leading specialist in Root Cause Analysis. We empower organisations to create transformative problem-solving teams. Our proven RCA methodology and cutting edge software is combined with a people-first appraoch that solves problems, reduces risk and improves performance.

Speaker Bio

Ed Wells is Head of Strategy and Development for Sologic, the specialist in Root Cause Analysis in Audit and Accountancy. Ed is an RCA Trainer and Facilitator, Writer and Speaker who has worked with leading organisations across many sectors including Finance, Sport, Engineering, Environmental and Healthcare.