CPD training tickets terms and conditions

Upon purchasing a training ticket you will receive a training ticket code by email automatically. Please note that you will not receive a physical ‘training ticket’.

Please quote this number every time you make a course booking using your training ticket. If your training ticket is not included when your booking is made you will likely receive an invoice.

We strongly recommend that one person in your organisation takes responsibility for all bookings made using your training ticket and that this person keeps their own record of points used. We also recommend informing all employees of the existence of this ticket to avoid receiving invoices for bookings made without the training ticket number.

We also advise that course bookings are made in advance of the course date in order to reserve a space.

Training tickets are non-refundable.

Training tickets are valid for eligible CPD courses taking place between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017.

It is the ticket owner’s responsibility to maintain the usage of this ticket. Under no circumstances will points be carried over to 2018.

Training tickets can only be used on CPD-run courses. Training tickets can be used for classroom courses in ROI and NI, District Society CPD-sanctioned events, IT courses, and online courses.

Training tickets cannot be used for courses and seminars offered by other professional bodies nor for Diplomas and Certificates offered by Chartered Accountants Ireland (Specialist Qualifications). 

Training ticket points will be refunded where cancellations are received in writing in line with our terms and conditions (at least 48 hours before the start of a course for regular CPD courses, and 10 days before the start of a course for IT courses - see the relevant product for more information).

Where cancellations are not received in this way the full course fee will be charged (i.e. points will not be added back onto the training ticket balance).

You may substitute an alternative delegate in writing at any time before the start of a course.

We reserve the right to alter the published program, speaker, or venue and to cancel an event at our discretion.

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