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The ‘Chartered’ title is an internationally recognised professional designation that shows the highest standards of ethical, professional and technical expertise.

Chartered Accountants are Ireland’s leading business professionals, recognised around the world as experts in finance, accountancy, audit and tax. Currently, we have 1,860 members working overseas (*2017 Annual Report).

Around the globe and across every industry sector, from tech to finance, Chartered Accountants have become core players when it comes to driving the future of business. Bringing together skills of strategic forecasting with expertise in finance, accountancy, auditing and taxation. 

Your global passport. What does it mean?

  1. USA – The Irish Chartered Accountancy qualification is fully recognised by the  dominant accountancy body in the US (AICPA), one of the few finance and accountancy qualifications to have such valuable recognition.
  2. UK – 23% of members are based in UK or NI.
  3. Continental Europe – Chartered Accountants Ireland qualification has European recognition.
  4. Australia – 1,000 Irish Chartered Accountants work in Australia.
  5. New Zealand/Canada/Hong Kong/South Africa – Mutual Recognition Agreements.
  6. England, Wales and Scotland – Reciprocity Agreements.

Chartered Accountants Worldwide

Chartered Accountants Ireland is part of  Chartered Accountants Worldwide, a family of 11 chartered accountancy institutes from around the world. It brings together the leading chartered accountancy institutes to support, develop and promote the vital role that Chartered Accountants play throughout the global economy. It creates a community of more than 640,000 members and over 1 million students with a presence in more than 200 countries. 

Chartered Accountancy can take you anywhere 

Sinead Gray Compliance Manager, Pobal

"Knowing that my ‘Chartered’ title would be recognised and respected globally and open up great opportunities for me, I planned to travel the world for a year or so after qualifying. Having finished my training contract with PwC and coming away with invaluable experience, I took a so-called temp job in compliance with the Dublin-based, international humanitarian aid agency, GOAL, while I figured out my travel plans. ‘So called’ temp because seven and a half years later I was still working with them. I never did take that ‘year out’ to travel. However, travel became an integral part of my role within GOAL.

There’s so much more to being a Chartered Accountant than just ‘accountancy’. The qualification opens up so many doors, some that you might not know even exist. So don’t pigeon-hole accountancy like I did in my early years - think beyond just number crunching. All industries, not least the international aid sector, have a need for finance and governance professionals and the Chartered Accountancy qualification makes you just that – professional. With this qualification you will have the opportunity to build a rewarding career, one that can really make a difference in the world. Chartered Accountancy can take you anywhere."

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