Diploma in Risk Management, Internal Audit and Compliance

This diploma is aimed at those who work or aspire to work in risk management, internal audit or compliance roles in the corporate sector

 At a glance
Start date:  Autumn 2021             
Registration: Autumn 2021, details coming soon. 
Duration:  Five months 
Format:  Autumn 2021, details coming soon. 
Fees:  €2,695 (members)
€2,995 (non-members) 
Assessment:  Three home assignments throughout as well as short learning logs. There is no final exam for this programme.

Why should you study this programme?

By studying this programme, you will learn how to build, effectively communicate and influence on all operations within this sector.

Module Topics

Module one
Risk Management Risk Management - Design of a robust risk management function

Module two
Risk Management within Three Lines of Defence (3LOD)
Leadership Skills - Effective Communication

Modules three
Internal Audit - Building an Effective Internal Audit Function
Leadership Skills -Influencing Stakeholders

Modules four
Internal Audit-  IA Role of Adding Value
Leadership Skills -Presenting difficult outcomes persuasively

Module five
Regulatory Compliance - Regulatory Function

Module six
Governance and Culture Governance
Culture & Ethics

Background to the programme

The emphasis on the areas of risk management, regulation and compliance has exploded since the recent financial crisis. This has put a significant burden on both organisations and their employees.  The rapid rate of change meant that the critical task of staying current and informed is challenging. With this in mind, we developed this new programme.

A risk management and regulatory revolution is transforming our world; the emergence of new risks and regulation are shaping our organisations at lightning speed and is making our prior experiences and knowledge redundant. Expectations from investors, shareholders, regulators and board members are growing in relation to risk awareness, management, assessment alongside compliance requirements are becoming mandatory. Our skills are tested at every turn. As a result, we developed this programme to allow you operate with influence at a business leader level in your organisation.

Putting your skills into practice

Risk overarches everything in a business and once the core ideas are understood at all levels of responsibility, good risk management can be applied to any type of risk in any sector, from health to pharma to financial services. Risk management theory does not change, it’s about knowing the risk you are taking, and good decision making.

It has implications for strategic and business planning, audit and assurance arrangements and the management and control of activities. Risk management should be a regular senior management team agenda item as well as a frequently discussed issue for Audit Committees, Boards and Governing Bodies.

Unsure if this programme is right for you?

Contact us and we can arrange a call with one of our team to advise you.

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