VAT on Prpperty - Essential Update for Professionals


As VAT on property is complex and constantly changing, annual updates are critical. This course simplifies the complexity and ensure that the participant is fully up to date on the current legislative and Revenue position, thereby enabling all property transactions to be evaluated more effectively. The course will also incorporate several case studies and real-life examples

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Chartered Accountants House, , Dublin
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01 October 2019 09:30
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01 October 2019 12:30
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Mary Julianne Nyhan


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CPD course

Who should attend

Any person who works in a property role that involves consideration of VAT. This includes tax advisers, accountants, bankers, wealth managers, property advisers/agents and corporate finance advisers

Course overview

  • Discussions regarding VAT on property Hot Topics and Trends
  • When VAT is charged on a property sale or acquisition
  • When a lease is within the charge to VAT
  • Significant landmines to be aware of in relation to VAT on property
  • Update on Revenue guidance
  • Update on Legislation
  • Cash-flow examples illustrating the effect of VAT on bottom line numbers
  • Questions to ask when finalising the VAT on property solution including preparation of PCVEs
  • Transfer of Business provisions, Option to Tax
  • VAT on property when related parties are involved

Key learning outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand VAT issues linking to property ownership
  • Evaluate property acquisition/sale/rental projections to reflect the effect of VAT
  • Be aware of landmines and risks when advising on VAT on property issues
  • Be aware of recent legislation and updated Revenue guidance