Give the gift of hope this Christmas

CA Support now offers emotional and practical assistance to more members and students than ever before. We have seen a 50% increase in the numbers availing of our services in the last 9 months alone. Those who have lost their jobs, lost a loved one, or lost their home have needed our help. We are there for them and for you, whenever you need us. Why don’t you give your fellow members the gift of hope and donate to CA Support this Christmas?

Help us so we can help them.

Nationwide Mental Health Helpline

1800 111 888 Freephone confidential 24/7 line

What is CA Support?

CA Support is a registered charity which offers emotional, practical and financial support to Chartered Accountants, Accounting Technicians, students and their family members for life. Should you find yourself in a difficult situation, Chartered Accountants Support (CA Support) will help you through life’s ups and downs.

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