Detailed Profit and Loss (DPL) Taxonomy released from Revenue

Nov 06, 2017

Revenue has released their DPL taxonomy for use with the FRS 101, 102 and EU IFRS taxonomies when tagging financial statements for iXBRL filings.  We will be meeting with Revenue to discuss the use of the DPL taxonomy as well as a number of current iXBRL filing issues in the coming weeks.  

The DPL taxonomy is now accepted by Revenue although it is published as a wording draft to allow for consultation.  The DPL taxonomy is available to download from the Revenue website.  

Revenue has confirmed with us that they updated their iXBRL FAQs in October 2017 for the following:

  1. Addition of new FAQ “The CT1 “Extracts from Accounts” menu contains mandatory fields for Turnover, Gross Profit and Profit (Loss) Before Tax etc. Does the DPL contain any mandatory fields?” to introduce mandatory tags in DPL.
  2. Update of table of accepted taxonomies in the question “What taxonomies will Revenue accept?” to incorporate the combined taxonomies for FRS101/102/EU IFRS + DPL.
  3. Addition of the term “Detailed Profit and Loss” on two lines of the question “Do I need to tag data which is listed in a Financial Statement but is not reported, such as data represented by a dash or a blank in a table?” to align this FAQ with the introduction of the DPL mandatory tags.

Updates were also made to the FAQs in September 2017.  Details of the changes are available here

Revenue has published information on the DPL taxonomy in eBrief No. 96/17.