Blended distance options CAP1, CAP2 & FAE

*Chartered Accountants Ireland will be adopting the very best education experience for its students for 2020/21 while complying with all government guidelines on social distancing and congregation. The Institute is currently finalising plans around education delivery for September 2020, and we anticipate that we will be in a position to make a definitive announcement in July 2020.

Blended distance learning 
We offer a distance learning model at CAP1, CAP2 and FAE, and this course takes a blended approach of online study and classroom-based contact. Like our regular education programme, the distance learning model is run on a part-time basis.
The distance programme relies on self-directed learning and consequently requires fewer face-to-face lectures. The majority of course content is delivered online in 45 minute segments, with classroom–based supports at the beginning and end of topics.  
Online discussions will be available for each subject as well as interactive Q&A sessions with lecturers and the Student Services team. Likewise, learning journals will assist students in tracking their progress throughout the year. 

Education centres – where can I attend lectures?
Chartered Accountants Ireland is the single biggest educator of professional accountancy students in Ireland, with over 90 leading professional lecturers from across the island of Ireland. A unique feature of the Chartered programme is that it is delivered directly by us to you - we don’t use third party educators. We have education centres in locations around Ireland, using local venues as well as bespoke study centres in Pearse St, Dublin and Linenhall St, Belfast. Other centres include Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford and Kilkenny (subject to demand).

There are two exam sittings each year for CAP1 and CAP2, with many  students choosing to split the number of exams to sit over both sessions. We  have some reasonable stipulations, for example, a minimum of two subjects at each sitting and we’ll ask you to take the foundation ‘Financial Accounting’ in your first exam sitting at CAP1. A repeat sitting of the final exams (FAE) is available.

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