Bad advice

Jan 18, 2018
Bad career advice is hazardous for your professional health. Here are some of the worst “tips” around.

“There’s no need to over-think your CV, just get your old one and update it with the new stuff! Then, fire it out to as many companies as you can... it’ll take an hour max.”

“Don’t add in all that information about your company on your CV. If they don’t know it, they’ll Google it.”

“Of course the HR Manager will read your CV! And in detail, no less...”

“Be sure to deal with as many recruiters as possible... get them all working for you.”

“Interviews are a breeze. Just be natural... if you prepare too much, you’ll be too stiff and they’ll know you’re nervous.”

Play hard-ball when it comes to money. Always hold out for that extra €3,000.”

LinkedIn is a waste of time.”

“Apply for a few jobs you’re not interested in and use the interviews as practice.”

“You’ll definitely get a 50% increase in salary if you threaten to leave. Sure you’re worth it!”

“If you’re busy at work, just tell them you’ll reschedule your interview for when you’ve less on your plate. They’ll understand.”

“The company would be lucky to land you as an employee. Go in there and demand that they sell the role to you – they need you more than you need them!”

“Don’t worry if you thought your email address was funny when you created it in Transition Year. They won’t notice. And that profile photo of you at Electric Picnic is fine too... it shows that you’ve a sense of humour.”

“If your CV goes into an organisation from two recruiters, you’ll double your chances of getting noticed. Trust me...”
“Don’t bother practising those competency-based questions. Everyone performs better when they’re being spontaneous.”

“They don’t care about personality. You’re an accountant – they just want to know that you’re good with numbers.”

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