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Be part of something bigger with the Global Network Member Logo

Show the world that you are a Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network Member by using the new CAW Network Member logo. This logo is available to all Chartered Accountants Ireland members and can be download and placed on your stationery, website, business cards and documents.

The logo is a badge which shows you are a ‘Chartered Accountant Worldwide Network Member’ for you to use in relevant business situations as you see fit. It isn’t a qualification or a designation, it’s a way to show you are a Chartered Accountant who is part of a wider global network.

Why use the Global Logo?

As a member of Chartered Accountants Ireland you are already a Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network Member. You can connect with other members in the global network, expand your professional connections and access resources to keep your skills up to date.

We have listened to requests from our members to show our global scale. The logo will help you to show you are part of something bigger. It helps create international recognition for the Chartered Accounting profession, countering the rise of other global designations and ensuring that your qualification stands out in an increasingly competitive market.

Our research highlighted that the logo appealed to businesses using and employing chartered accountants, particularly those looking to the future and who were doing business internationally. Network membership demonstrates you are part of a global network and you have the skills needed in your local market.

What do I need to do?

Simply click on the link below to access the logo you can use on your online profile, business cards and other stationery.

Further instructions and suggestions on how and where to use the logo are available on the Chartered Accountants Worldwide website. You may choose to use the logo or where that is not possible, simply the words. Either way you’ll be showing the world that you are part of something bigger. The more members that use the Global Logo the greater the recognition of the role and value of Chartered Accountants so why not do it today?