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Confidence. Clients and employers rely on their Chartered Accountants.

When clients and employers work with Chartered Accountants, they can have confidence in the unique skills of Ireland’s premium business qualification – Chartered Accountancy. Chartered Accountants can draw on a deep pool of experience and rigorous training, and businesses can be confident that their Chartered Accountant will provide impartial, realistic advice. And that confidence gives real business advantage.

Chartered Accountants are widely recognised as Ireland’s premier business professionals, providing essential strategic guidance, expertise and consulting across a vast array of business activities and sectors. Use the links below to find out more.

First impressions matter

Make sure your clients know that you’re a Chartered Accountant by using the Chartered Accountants Ireland logo in your office, on your website, on your social media profiles, in your promotional materials, and anywhere else relevant. Start using the logo today to support the “Make Sure your Accountant is a Chartered Accountant” advertising campaign.

Use the links below to download the Chartered Accountants Ireland logo and other promotional materials.


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If you have any queries regarding the use of the logo, the 'Make sure your accountant is a Chartered Accountant' campaign, please contact us:
T: (353) 01 523 3907 / (353) 01 523 3949

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