Did you receive a PAYE letter from Revenue?

Oct 09, 2017

Revenue is currently writing to employers who according to records did not inform Revenue when new employees took up employment with them.  The first batch of letters, approx. 2,000, issued at the end of September, some 30,000 letters in total will be sent out in the coming weeks.  Click to see a sample of the letter and read more. 

Following analysis of the 2016 P35 returns, as part of the PAYE modernisation programme,  Revenue are asking employers to register all new employees so that they can obtain a P2C – the employer copy of the tax credit certificate. 

These letters are issuing to employers by post and where the employer has a tax agent, a copy will issue to the agent’s ROS inbox under the category of 'PAYE-EMP P35L Review'.

We have obtained a sample of the letter from Revenue. 

You can read more on the PAYE modernisation programme on the Revenue website.