Make the right career move 2017

Nov 09, 2017

From our experience meeting and working with newly qualified Chartered Accountants, one of the most common calls we get is from members who are unsure whether to stay with their current firm/company or move on.  For the most part this is driven by peer pressure and the fear of missing out (FOMO) causes them to wonder if they are making the right decision. 

Depending on the direction of your future career a move now may not be in your best interests, why not?  You may be in a role that still challenges and excites you and may still offer opportunity for you to develop your skills set and broaden your level of exposure to a wider range of functions.   Perhaps this role is providing you with the skills set that you need in order to move out of a niche role, time spent here now will be invaluable in the long term.

Typically members tell us that they are unsure if they should wait until they are made assistant manager in practice or if they should make that move now.  To help you with this decision, there are number of factors to consider:

  • Are you enjoying what you are doing and still challenged by the role?
  • Is the experience relevant to future roles you are potentially interested in?
  • Do you have a say in your career plan?
  • What are other potential employers looking for? Experience or seniority?
  • Who will you compete with when you do decide to move?
  • What are your own long term career plans is the move for someone else’s benefit?

If you decide to stay and are promoted:

  • What new skills will you gain? What will your CV look like this time next year?
  • What new sectors will you have gained exposure to?
  • What people management experience will you have gained?
  • What interaction will you have at partner level that may help you to learn from their experience?
  • Could you benefit from working with a mentor?
  • Is there the prospect of a secondment?
  • What training can you avail of in the short term?
  • Does your skill set broaden with longer term commitment or just more of the same?
  • Does a senior title help you make the move into a different sector?
  • Are you moving away-from or nearer-to the hands-on experience required for your next role?
  • Is there a requirement on job specs to have senior experience – is this of importance?

If you decide to move now:

  •  Have you identified your transferable skills 
  •  Are you confident with your current skills set and the opportunities that can give you
  • Can you support your application for other roles through practical, relevant examples
  • How long do you see yourself in this role for, is it a long or short term move?
  • Are you prepared to change sectors at a more junior level and work your way up?

By passing on what seems like a positive role now, you may instead develop other skills such as people management experience that will help you make a move at a later stage at perhaps a higher level of Assistant manager. 

It is good practice to ‘audit’ your skills set every six to twelve months to confirm that you are not stagnating in your role and that you are keeping one eye on the present but one also on your future plans.

When you feel that the opportunities are not coming along then it is time to create them for yourself or begin to look at external options which may include a move!

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