PAYE Modernisation: letters, PPSN checker, employee lists and ROS updates

Apr 09, 2018

During this month employers and agents will receive a letter from Revenue to inform them on PAYE Modernisation – real time PAYE reporting starting next January.  From our discussions with Revenue at a recent PAYE stakeholder meeting we expect that there will be six categories of information letters issuing to employers this month.  The letter will include information tailored to employers’ circumstances.   In addition, a new PPS number checker facility will be available on Revenue Online Service (ROS) this month.  In June, employers will be requested to submit details of their employees to Revenue and during that month there will be changes to the ROS dashboard. 

Revenue letters

The letters will be tailored to the employers’ circumstances according to Revenue’s records, for example; employers using payroll software, small employers, and employers exempt from electronic filing.  

Only one letter will issue to agents of employers, even if they are registered with Revenue for more than one employer.

PPS number

Revenue told us that a PPS number checker will be live in April (mid-month).  This ROS service will allow you to verify up to 10 PPS numbers at a time.  It will be available to agents and employers.

The PPS number checker will have mandatory fields to be completed – first and surname, and PPS number.  The details submitted will be verified against Revenue’s records and either validated or rejected.  

Employee lists

From mid-June Revenue will be requesting from employers a list of all their employees.  We understand from discussions with Revenue such lists are likely to be requested from employers with 10 or more employees.

This list will be checked against Revenue records and Revenue will notify employers of any discrepancies. 

ROS changes

Revenue told us that from mid-June the ROS inbox and dashboard will be re-formatted.  The changes expected include:

  • A new ROS inbox category for priority notifications from Revenue.
  • The ROS dashboard will be re-formatted and essentially will look different.
  • A new service “Employer Payroll Services” on the ROS dashboard. 
  • A new “favourite option” will allow users to store their frequently used services in a favourites tab for easy access. 

Revenue also told us that the email notification for the ROS inbox is under review.  It is hoped that such notifications will contain more details for the recipient and give some indication what the notification is about.

We will report on any developments in our weekly Chartered Accountants Tax eNews.  You can also information from Revenue on the PAYE Modernisation Project on the Revenue website.