Come one, come all

Mar 01, 2019
Nuala McAdams, Audit Senior at EY and new Chair of CASSI, aims to help all students get the most out of their student society.

What motivated you to want to train as a Chartered Accountant?

I have an undergraduate degree in history and politics and a Masters in history, so accountancy had never been something I had considered. I knew a few people training as Chartered Accountants who told me about the opportunities available through this qualification, and I decided to go for it. I wanted to try something totally different to everything I had done before and I am thankful that I did. 

How did you get involved in CASSI and why did you want to become its Chairperson?

A politics teacher once told me I would go to the opening of an envelope. He’s not wrong. I have always been involved in committees and student societies since I was at school. I enjoy getting involved in social events and meeting new people. I joined the CASSI committee last year as the Education Officer (EO) and really enjoyed the challenges that role brought. So, this year I wanted to take on a new challenge and 
build on the work I started as the EO.

What do you hope CASSI accomplishes during your year as Chairperson?

In 2018, as EO and Vice-Chair of CASSU (Ulster), I organised the pilot student well-being event in Belfast. Training contracts can be extremely demanding, even for those no longer sitting exams. 

With this in mind, my aim for the year is to make sure students know that there is support out there at every stage of your studies and career by building on the pilot event through similar events, webcasts and online material. Ultimately, I hope to highlight the services already offered by CA Support and ensure our members know where to find help if they need it. 

How do you balance your life between work, studying, CASSI and your free time?

I have always loved getting involved in different societies and expanding my own network, so I’m happy to put the time in outside of study and work. A position on CASSI or a regional committee can take up as much, or as little time as you like, and it really depends on what you want to get out of the experience. I think all of us who are involved would agree that it is a lot more fun than it is work!

What’s one piece of advice you would have for someone wanting to become more involved in the student societies but is hesitant to jump into a group of people they don’t know?

My advice would be to send an email or message to one of our social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) saying that you’d like to get involved, because that’s what I did with CASSU at the beginning of my CAP 2 year, and I haven’t looked back. Every regional committee, and CASSI, would love more students to get involved. These societies are here for every student, and are a great place to socialise, get to know your classmates, and find people who are currently or have been in the same boat you are, and can help you through the difficulties that come with training and studying. It’s not only about going to events, it’s about meeting other students and forming your own network which will make your training a lot more enjoyable.