Getting to your GOAL

Jan 03, 2019
Patrycja Jurkowska ACA, Operations Accountant at GOAL Global, describes the day of a Chartered Accountant whose goal is to make a difference.

6 AM 

The alarm goes off and I don’t hit snooze. First thing I do is meditation and mindfulness for 10 minutes (I use an app on my phone for this). Then, a healthy plant-based breakfast. I have been vegan for over a year now. 

7:15 AM

Gym session. 

8:30 AM

Time to head to work. I am usually in the office for 9AM; however, on the days that I work out, it's nearer to 9:30AM. Flexible working hours is one of the benefits of working with GOAL. During my commute I catch up on Junior Chamber International (JCI) emails, listen to audiobooks and admire the beautiful seaside views on the way to Dun Laoghaire. 

9:30 AM 

After I grab a coffee from my favourite local café, I revisit my to-do list prepared the night before. I then check my emails to see if there is anything urgent in my inbox.

10:00 AM

Video conference call with Financial Controller in GOAL Iraq to discuss their cash requirements for the month. 

11:00 AM 

Time to review a budget proposal of another humanitarian aid programme we plan to run in Honduras. Considering that more than 66% of their population (according to 2016 official data) lives in poverty, our presence in Honduras is crucial.

1:00 PM 

I grab a salad and attend a lunchtime talk on the WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) programme in Ethiopia given by the local WASH manager who is visiting the Dublin office this week. 

2:00 PM

Honduras is six hours behind Ireland and they are finally coming online. I check-in with them to see what assistance they need from me today. 

3:30 PM

As requested by the Honduran Financial Controller, I perform a quality review of a quarterly financial report to be submitted to the donor.

4:25 PM

Meeting with the Finance Director to discuss the agenda for my travel to Honduras next month.

5:00 PM

I lead a coaching session via video conference with the Haitian finance team on advanced Excel skills. I find this part of my role very rewarding as it allows me to watch my colleagues develop and excel at their job.

5:45 PM

I plan for the next day and prepare my to-do list.

6:00 PM

 The work day is over. I make my way to a JCI Dublin workshop on negotiation skills. I believe in personal and professional development so outside of work I am involved in two committees: Chartered Accountants Young Professionals and JCI Dublin, a leadership development organisation for people in their 20s and 30s where I have been recently elected as the 2019 Local President.

8:00 PM

I head home to relax and mentally prepare myself for the next day ahead.