Making sure to work and play

Jun 30, 2020
Katy Lemon, a TAS Senior in EY Belfast, talks about the day-to-day changes in her job and the much-needed wind down she gets from being a part of the Queens University Women's rugby team.

Alarm goes off, time to get ready for work and run for the bus. 

In the office sorting through emails from colleagues in Manchester, and our clients and solicitors that we work closely with in Belfast and Dublin. We work with a number of different offices across the UK and beyond on a daily basis, so organisation is key to ensure nothing is missed. 

Tea break followed by our weekly team meeting where we catch up on what the team are currently working on and any potential new projects on the horizon. This is a great opportunity for learning as team members discuss how they approached and resolved issues. 

Client call time. We have weekly calls with our clients to progress the Fixed Charged Receivership cases we work on and determine action points for the week.  Following this its back to emails and phone calls on my cases. I work on around 20 different cases on a weekly basis across the North and South of Ireland, each very different. Through this work, we have built strong relationships with solicitors and estate agents.  

After lunch, I focus my time on my larger projects, mainly administrations and liquidations where I deal with employee matters. This can include dealing with redundancies, TUPE transfers, company payroll and pension schemes. I will also deal directly with employees on any queries they have through emails and phone calls, and it’s important that these are dealt with quickly. 

Tea at 3! We try to catch up with our colleagues at 3PM and for a general chitchat.

My firm is encourages us to learn new skills, so I try to spend an hour every few days working towards a ‘badge’, which is an achievement in a range of different areas, such as data visualisation, inclusion and belonging, digital, etc. I’m currently working on an excel course to improve my ability to work with large data.

Time to update my to do list for tomorrow with anything I haven’t finished today! Our job is different every day, so it is very common for a to-do list roll on to the next day. 

Home time and straight into my rugby kit to be at training with Queens for 7PM (usually in the rain). Training provides an opportunity to wind down from work and gives a much-needed work-life balance. This is also a great way to catch up with friends in the evening!

Home from training and more than ready for a hot dinner and Netflix!