Shaping the future of the company

Jan 13, 2020
Since Touchtech was acquired by Stripe in 2019, Joe Kinvi ACA has been enjoying the customer interaction and team collaboration at the company.

I get to the office at this time every morning and I head straight to our canteen for breakfast. I grab a juice and a light breakfast depending on my mood while I catch up on my emails and Slack messages that I didn’t reply to on my commute.

I review previous meeting notes and action points to prep for my daily 10 AM meeting with my team. As an account manager, I work closely with our technical project manager (TPM) and our integration engineer to ensure our clients’ asks are answered and executed timely. I check our customer dashboard daily for any downtime or overnight issues worth flagging to our TPM or directly to our engineers. Today, and 99% of the time, everything is working smoothly. Yes!

I hold our daily stand up to discuss any upcoming calls, ongoing integration for new customers and pending work for existing customers. It can as short as five minutes and as long as 15/20 minutes depending on the day. We try to keep it very informal but ensure that we touch on anything that happened the previous day. This meeting often shapes what my day will look like.

Productivity time! I have two hours this time blocked off in my calendar every day to focus on customer asks. I try to keep my meetings to the afternoon and to work without any interruption for at least an hour or two in the morning. 

I head to lunch with my team. We all tend to grab lunch together in our canteen. We are very fortunate to get a free, healthy lunch at work with lots of options so just like my day-to-day, lunch is never the same! 

I’m usually in back-to-back meetings with existing customers to discuss ongoing projects, renewals, upsells, etc. Since being acquired in April, there are so many moving pieces and this gets me excited to be part of this company. 

When I’m not working on customer projects, I’m working on internal projects within Stripe. I’m currently working on a business integration project that I am enjoying because it allows me to interact with various parts of the organisation and get to work with so many talented and equally motivated individuals. I enjoy working at Stripe because we are empowered to shape our future at the company.

I reserve this time for calls with our US colleagues but it’s often open so I get to review my meeting notes and action points if needed. I catch up with our TPM and integration engineer to discuss anything that came up in our various meetings throughout the day.

I update my account manager tracker for our weekly meeting every Friday with our manager. At this weekly meeting, we discuss ongoing projects status and customer satisfaction. 

I complete any outstanding work and updates my calendar for the next day.

I wrap up my day and head back home to work out, play football, hang out with my partner or help my brother with his startup.