What's your view? Future of the profession

Mar 01, 2021
What do you think about Brexit? How do you think the pandemic will affect your career? What do you think is the future of the profession? In every issue of The Bottom Line, we will ask students their thoughts on a particular topic.

I anticipate the effects of the pandemic will change the way we work. Hailing from outside of Dublin, I’d like to think it is more feasible to live outside the capital and pursue a ‘hybrid’ work style with a mix of office and remote work.

I don’t expect the demand for Chartered Accountants will dissipate and, as such, I can see a healthy increase in competition for roles both locally and further afield. I’m confident there are positives to be taken from the pandemic, and many of us who have successfully migrated to remote work are a testament to that.

Kevin Lord, Audit Associate at EY

The crisis has transformed the way in which we work and how we work. 
Pre-COVID-19, the accountancy profession was in a transitional phase as it embraced new technologies. The pandemic has accelerated these changes. Interpreting 
data and analysing data differently will allow accountants to foster a more proactive relationship with clients. 

Almost a year on, it looks like hybrid work is likely to persist. I believe hybrid work models, if sufficiently managed, offer the best of both worlds. I enjoy the social and collaborative aspects of office interaction, and the better work-life balance that hybrid work brings. For me, it’s simple things like getting to football training on a Thursday night or walking the dog before work. 

However, it may not all be positive. Remote work does create new challenges for both the employee and the organisation. In the long-term, some organisations may look at relocating operations or hiring remote talent to avail of cheaper labour.  

Sean Brew, Audit & Advisory trainee at Baker Tilly

Due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, many of us are wondering what job opportunities will await us in the future.

The pandemic has impacted how the sector works forever. For those of us who have worked through this change, and gained most of our accountancy experience working from home, we are part of a group who have had to innovate how we complete our work, and discipline ourselves to meet deadlines from home. I remain optimistic about my future career, accountancy firms have continued to hire during this uncertainty, and we are gaining new skills by working through these challenging times.

Sinead Henry, Trainee Accountant at Northern Ireland Audit Office