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Government urges businesses to prepare for Brexit

Aug 22, 2019

With 10 weeks to go to the Brexit deadline on 31 October, the Government is reminding businesses of the need to prepare for Brexit. In particular, the Government has highlighted nine steps that all businesses can take now to help prepare for the UK’s departure from the EU.

Government Ministers are directly appealing to a number of sectors of concern. The ongoing Government contingency planning has indicated that the following sectors have low levels of Brexit preparedness:

  • Smaller businesses who may not realise they are trading with the UK
  • Construction businesses
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Agri-food businesses, particularly those in food production
  • Retail particularly independent shops, and hardware stores who source products from or through the UK.
  • Hauliers

Businesses and consumers who are concerned about Brexit and what it may mean for them are encouraged to visit where there is a range of practical information on how to get prepared.

There are 9 steps that businesses, large and small, can do now:

  1. Understand the new rules for UK importing and exporting
  2. Review your supply chain and UK market strategy
  3. Be aware of possible changes to transport and logistics
  4. Review all your certification, regulation and licencing
  5. Review your contracts and data management
  6. Ensure you are maximising Government Brexit programmes and supports
  7. Manage your cash flow, currency and make sure your banking is in order
  8. Protect and inform your staff
  9. Know more about the impact to your sector.
Source: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade