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IAASA’s financial reporting enforcement activities in 2018

Jan 18, 2019

IAASA has published summary information of its financial reporting enforcement activities undertaken during 2018.

The primary function of IAASA’s Financial Reporting Supervision Unit is to examine the compliance of financial reporting of those listed entities coming within its remit with accounting standards.

In 2018, IAASA: 

  • examined  39 annual and half-yearly financial statements; and
  • raised 164 separate matters with those companies.

As a result, 18 companies have provided 134 undertakings to improve their financial reporting in future years.

IAASA carried out 4 thematic examinations of aspects of companies’ financial reporting practices and published the results of those desk-based surveys.

The outcome of 14 financial reporting decisions reached in 2018 were published by IAASA in the year.

The Snapshot document may be accessed here.

Source: IAASA