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Aug 30, 2018
A round-up of news and events from the Institute’s student societies around the country.

CASS Ireland

CASSI is currently making arrangements for its annual weekend away, which will take place from 19-21 October 2018. Students can apply for tickets from 10am on Monday 3 September 2018. The event will be hosted at the four-star Mount Wolsely and the entire hotel will be booked out for the event.

CASS Sligo

In July, CASSS welcomed CASSI to Sligo with a very successful meeting, dinner and night out on the town. At the meeting, Chartered Accountants Student Society Limerick was also welcomed to CASSI. Meanwhile, CASSS hosted its most recent coffee morning on 10 August 2018 and the society was represented at the Chartered Accountants North West Society night out at the Sligo Races on Thursday 9 August.

CASS Midlands

It has been a quiet time of year for CASSM with many members on study leave for the FAE exams. However, the Committee has been busy making arrangements for upcoming social events. At the time of writing, the committee was looking forward to a relaxing cruise on the Shannon, which has been booked for Friday 24 August. Bay Sports, located at the Hodson Bay Hotel, has also been booked for Saturday 15 September and will be a great chance for members to enjoy themselves after the stressful exam period. Most of the new batch of students in the Midlands region will start work by the first week in September and will hopefully get involved in this event. CASSM is also planning a trip to the greyhounds in Mullingar, which is planned for the end of September.

CASS Dublin

August was a month of celebration and focus for the students and members of CASSD. CAP1 and CAP2 celebrations took place in the Jar and Dicey’s respectively, with the latter doubling up as the CASSD summer BBQ. Both locations were filled to the rafters as students enjoyed the sun, drinks and barbeque. It was a fantastic event all round, with the venue fully reserved for CASSD members. Congratulations to all involved.

CASS South-East

CASSSE organised a night out in Waterford on 17 August to celebrate the CAP 2 exam results. In September, CASSSE will host a race night in Gowran Park. More details to follow.

CASS Limerick

CASSL is putting plans in place to re-establish the committee after a period of inactivity. While things are quiet now, CASSL looks forward to representing Limerick students again in the near future.

CASS Galway

To celebrate the end of the CAP2 exams, CASSG hosted a night out in An Púcan. A great time was had by all and it finally gave students a chance to enjoy the sunshine. On 16 August, CASSG hosted a cocktail-making event to bid farewell to the summer months in Coyote’s Bar in Galway. And at the time of writing, the committee was busy planning an event to celebrate the end of the FAE exams.