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UK Government gives £16 million funding boost for customs experts

Sep 04, 2019
The UK Government has announced that £16 million will go towards support for businesses and fund the training of thousands of customs experts for trading post-Brexit.

This new government funding is now available to help businesses train staff in making customs declarations, and to help businesses who support others to trade goods to invest in IT. This funding will also help train more customs agents who will assist businesses trading with the EU.

More than 3,000 agents have already been trained as part of an £8 million investment earlier this year, which has also been used to develop new online learning products for customs staff. 

Businesses based in, or with a branch in, the UK can apply for funding ahead of the UK leaving the EU. Grants can be used to support:

  • training costs for businesses who complete customs declarations, or who intend to in the future; and
  • funding for IT improvement, which is available to small- and medium-sized employers who are currently involved in trade as an intermediary.
To ensure maximum impact, the second wave of the grant scheme allows businesses to apply for the full cost of training, within certain limits as set out in the guidance.

Businesses who would benefit from the funding should apply early and those who applied for the first wave may apply again as part of this new wave of grants for expenditure incurred on or after 31 July 2019. Applications will close on 31 January 2020, or earlier once all the funding is allocated.

Source: HMRC