A helping hand for members and students

Dec 02, 2019
Dee France outlines the services available to members  and students through CA Support, and the need for generosity in this season of goodwill and beyond.

CA Support was re-launched at an event in October. Tell us about the rationale behind the re-launch.

This new service is a re-imagining of the Institute’s original hardship fund, the Benevolent Association, where member donations were deployed to members in need. CA Support is now a registered charity with its own board of directors and the donations from members help fund a wide range of expanded support services such as professional counselling, wellness coaching and mental health workshops in addition to financial supports to members and students 
in crisis.

Based on your experience, what common challenges do our members face and how can the Institute help through CA Support?

Given the mental illness epidemic, most calls received by CA Support have a mental health element that stems from the challenges faced by members and students. Members who engage with our service may be suffering from bereavement, redundancy, serious illness or some form of depression or burnout. Students also look for help with these issues in addition to exam stress, work-life balance and financial worries.

At our launch in October, President Conall O’Halloran acknowledged that although a career in accountancy can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling, for some the road bumps encountered along the way can be significant and come at a huge personal cost – both in their careers and with their mental health. The new CA Support model is all about empowering the individual to self-sufficiency through a wide range of supports, namely professional counselling, wellness coaching or referral to our in-house career or mentoring service. We engage with our members throughout the process and many keep in touch to avail of additional support and guidance as they move away from crisis situations and towards positive change.

How exactly does CA Support work to help members in difficulty?

We provide a telephone, email and  face-to-face suite of services for members and students. Most engagement is via email initially, with many opting to talk to one of the team face-to-face or by phone. Every case is different; some members or students avail of several services while others seek support for an isolated issue. Whatever difficulties our members or students encounter, we are with them every step of the way.

All members can help their colleagues by donating to CA Support. How important is this fundraising activity?

Quite simply, donations are the lifeblood of CA Support. Without members’ donations, this service will cease to exist. We ask everyone to think of those members and students who can be blindsided by problems outside of their control such as bereavement, redundancy, mental health challenges or a family crisis. These issues take their toll in different ways, with many who contact us often in dire need.
Unfortunately, many more may be suffering in silence. We want to reach those members and offer them all the support they need. Without the generosity of their fellow members and students, our ability to offer these services is compromised. We encourage all members to give generously, particularly when times are good. Nobody knows what’s around the corner and it is heart-warming to know that members’ support is there when you need it most.

Finally, if a member needs a helping hand, how can they contact CA Support?

Members and students can phone us on 01 637 7342 or 086 024 3294, contact us by email at or visit our website at 
Dee France is Manager at CA Support.