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As you familiarise yourself with the new layout, we thought it would be useful to include all the academic material for CAP1 2016/17 in one place; so please find below your course notes, past papers and timetables.

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Last updated May 2; Ward, Finance second edition chapter 3 now in Finance file.

CAP1 2016/17 material

CAP1 material

All slides, question banks and other materials have been grouped in one file for your convenience.

CAP1 exam prep materials

CAP1 exam prep materials

CAP1 mocks 2017
CAP1 mock papers and solutions 2017

CAP1 past papers: 2011-2016

For 2016 and 2015 all the papers, suggested solutions and examiner comments were compiled into one document known as the PEC Report; you can find all subjects in that document.

*please note that Tax papers have been updated to Finance Act 15*

PEC Report CAP1 Summer 2016
PEC Report CAP1 Autumn 2016
PEC Report CAP1 Summer 2015
PEC Report CAP1 Autumn 2015

For 2011-2014, they have been grouped below:

CAP1 Finance papers (2011-2014)
CAP1 Management Accounting papers (2011-2014)
CAP1 Financial Accounting papers (2011-2014)
*CAP1 Tax ROI papers (2011-2015 - updated)
*CAP1 Tax NI papers (2011-2015 - updated)
CAP1 Law ROI papers (2011-2014)
CAP1 Law NI papers (2011-2014)

MA interim past papers
MA Interim assessment papers (2011-2016)

CAP1 timetables 2016/17

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Jun 13, 2016
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