Business Plan Modelling Using Excel


This course shows how building the plan model is the first step in transforming ideas into tangible reality.  Attendees will gain insight on how to adjust model variables and source data sets using dashboard interfaces (radio buttons, drop down lists, command buttons etc.)  this course will demonstrate how a well-organised plan appears if the concepts make sound business sense.

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Belfast, 8-10 Amelia Street, Belfast
Start date & time:  
03 December 2020 09:30
End date & time:  
03 December 2020 16:30
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Mullan Training


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CPD course
Technology and data

Who should attend?

This course is designed for Accountants who have had limited involvement in business planning on Excel and require more competence in business planning techniques.

This course is not suitable for inexperienced Excel users. Delegates will be expected to be familiar with the following in Excel:

  • Linking Spreadsheets
  • IF Function & Nested IF Statements
  • And & Or Functions
  • Lookup Functions (Horizontal And Vertical Lookup)
  • Subtotals
  • Conditional Formatting  

Course overview

  • Building the detailed working sheet and importing workings from subsidiary schedules
  • Dealing with capital expenditure and funding
  • Developing Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets and Cash Flows and manipulating these with minimum level inputs
  • Sensitivity analyses, goal seeking and scenario setting
  • Preparing formulae to relate accounting concepts in spreadsheets
  • Building checks and balances to ensure model integrity throughout workbooks

Key learning outcomes

  • Maximise flexibility and business model dynamics while incorporating future needs
  • Compete for support and resources with the aid of a convincing plan either internally or for their clients
  • Communicate business and data insights with dashboards