A Guide to Money Laundering Compliance Recorded


For most accountants it is a case of stopping the unknowing assistance (given to criminals). It’s virtually impossible to launder money without banks, lawyers and accountants being involved. Because we manage people’s money through client accounts or through doing their books, people are able to use accountants unwittingly " Jeffrey Davidson, managing director of Honeycomb Forensic Accounting

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12 March 2020 00:00
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31 January 2022 00:00
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Andrew Coles


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This was recorded in autumn 2019

An understanding of the regulatory and legislative background to AML compliance;

1) The risk based approach to AML compliance

2) CDD, SDD or EDD - the changing face of KYC

3) When is a PEP not a PEP ?

4) The risks of Sanction busting through direct or indirect means

5) No longer consent - The DAML SAR

How to conduct Customer Due Diligence


How to recognise and correctly deal with PEP’s and other high risk factors

Failing to comply; The perils for staff and companies – Including an explanation of the offences of “Tipping Off”, Prejudicing an Investigation and failing to report suspicious activity.