Young Professionals - Joanne O’Riordan - My Journey


Join us on 29th October for the first Young Professionals event of 2020/2021 - Joanne O'Riordan: No Limbs No Limits

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29 October 2020 18:30
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29 October 2020 19:30
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Joanne O'Riordan


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CPD online course
Young Professionals

About this event

Joanne O'Riordan is a leading and inspiring disability activist, who has openly challenged for disability rights and awareness. Joanne O'Riordan is one of seven people in the world living with a rare physical disability known as Total Amelia. This means she was born without all four limbs and even though there is no medical explanation as to why this happened. Joanne, and her family have never allowed it to hold her back.

Speaker Bio

Joanne O'Riordan- Joanne adapted her life in such a way that it has given her both national and international acclaim. Joanne is now an example to all able bodied and disabled bodies to live very happy, independent, fulfilled lives. Please ensure you register to attend. We look forward to seeing you there! Young Professionals Committee, in conjunction with the CAI Diversity and Inclusivity Committee


The Chartered Accountants Institute acknowledge and value diversity in those we educate, represent, regulate, employ and engage with. We welcome and promote diversity and inspirational figures like Joanne O' Riordan are an example and a role model for us all in championing that inclusivity in our society, To learn more about Joanne O'Riordan please click on the link