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The new financial reporting standards, FRS 100-102 will replace existing Irish & UK GAAP (i.e. SSAPs and FRSs) from 1st January 2015 but may be adopted earlier.

The amount of up skilling you require depends on how familiar you are with the current UK & Irish  (‘local’) GAAP and, whether or not you need to prepare accounts  or just have a reviewer’s level understanding of them.  We offer resources to support to all levels.

Compliance Support

At your request Practice Consulting will carry out an independent Audit Compliance Review for your firm. In addition to drawing your attention to any compliance matters on your audit files and financial statements we will issue you with recommendations to achieve better compliance, greater efficiency and in order to assist you in preparing for or adjusting to FRS 102 we also will provide you with advice on how a number of any accounting issues identified would be treated under FRS 102.

Certificate in UK and Irish GAAP

A very detailed 4 day programme on FRS 100-102 which will provide a firm grasp of the principal accounting issues surrounding the standards. The course is aimed at those who want to know how to prepare a set of financial statements under the new regime. It takes participants through a number of detailed case studies as well as receiving a book with lots of practical advice on implementing the standard. It is examined by way of individual home assignments to ensure that participants can demonstrate that they can apply the new rules in a practical context. Successful participants will be awarded a Certificate in UK and Irish GAAP on completion.

CPD Courses

Numerous CPD seminars are offered each year covering FRS, a full list of courses can be found here

FRS 102: The Core Issues  (One full day)

This is a very fast review of the core issues that will face accountants when switching over to FRS 102 but very much at a high overview level

FRS 102 in Depth (Two full but separate days)

Designed to take delegates over the full FRS 102 and covering the material in a little more depth than the Core Issues, but still at an high overview

FRS 102: The transitional arrangements  (Half day)

Takes delegates through the process of transition to FRS 102 through 2/3 main case studies

FRS and IFRS Update (Full day)

Very brief coverage of the main differences between existing Gaap and the new FRS 102 and the broad transitional issues. The afternoon is devoted to full IFRS update.

For further information contact: CPD

Publications and Resource Material

Chartered Accountants Ireland Publishing offer a wide collection of publications in relation to FRS

The book “A Practical Guide to New UK and Irish GAAP ” has been designed  to provide readers with detailed examples of the application of FRS 102 and is illustrated, where appropriate, with extracts from live Irish listed  companies. It is provided to those delegates undertaking the Certificate. 

The book "Accounting for Retailers: An Industry Guide Under FRS 102" is a step-by-step guide, offering practical advice on implementing the mandatory requirements of FRS 102 by explaining and simplifying accounting transactions with particular emphasis on retail sector scenarios.

Technical Support

The Technical Enquiry Service is available to members who have technical queries, including those regarding FRS 100 to 102.

You can also view the standards as well as background information on the development of the standards, on the technical section of the website

Online Resources

The Chartered Accountants Ireland on-line information tool ‘CHARIOT’ is where members can read the full text of the new standards.


Recent News Items/Articles – find copies of all the relevant standards free of charge FRS 100-102 plus staff education notes and clarifications on how to adopt the new rules.

Additional training material available from based on the IFRS for SME which has been partially adapted for the Certificate course.

Accountancy Ireland covers FRS-related topics in every edition of the magazine. 

Accounts under FRS 102 already prepared - Travelodge Ltd

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