Online exams make online study even more accessible

Feb 02, 2017

Online programmes leading to online exams

The average person probably doesn’t relish the experience of doing an exam. They are the culmination of lots of hard work and your one chance to show off what you know which is pressure in itself.

Some of us don’t react so well to exam conditions and feel that we can’t show off what we know on exam day.

In many cases, there are no real ways around this. They are a part of life, particularly in certain professions and disciplines where exams are just a cross to bear.

Here at Specialist Qualifications we do try to make the experience as painless as possible wherever we can. One way we have done this of late is to work to make some of our exams available online for distance learners in particular. The response has been very positive.

How our online exams work

We have partnered with a dedicated online exam provider to deliver the best possible and most reliable experience for our participants. Once registered to sit an online exam, we will all work with you to test the hardware and software in advance so that we can all be sure everything works. This is a test tutorial to talk you through the whole process and let you get a feel for it all.

You and your invigilator will each have a webcam to communicate. They will check your ID, confirm the timing and give you any updates as necessary. Then they will – as in any normal exam situation – keep an eye on you and note any conditions worthy of comment and ensure that our regulations are strictly adhered to throughout.

What are the benefits of taking an exam online?

There are many. First off is simple geography. Some of our programmes which have exams are delivered online (Diploma in Corporate Finance and Diploma in IFRS) so by implication many of our participants are based in various places around the world and in various time zones. We can now offer a mutually rigorous, reliable and trustworthy experience no matter where they are.

Secondly, we can all relate to “doctor’s handwriting”. Writing fast and clearly is something that just does not happen anymore with so much happening on keyboards. If in a standard exam situation, the corrector might have trouble reading your script, the comfort in an online exam is that you type your answers.

Another bonus is that they can be taken anywhere with a reliable internet connection for the duration of the exam. Whether you are at work, at home, on holidays or on the move, as long as you log in you are ready to go. There will be no need to worry about traffic or transport on your way to the exam venue.

What has been participant’s experience of online exams?

Broadly, the responses have been really positive. Participants are asked to complete a survey on their experience of their exam, and comments noted include being able to use Excel during the exam, being able to type their answers, not having to travel to an exam venue and the quality of the invigilation.

When will your first online exam be?

Why not have a go with either our Diploma in Corporate Finance or Diploma in IFRS? If you are based internationally, don’t let the exam be an inhibitor to you receiving your qualification. We will be happy to work with you this year.

And don’t forget, even if you are a classroom learner and your programme offers an online exam, you are welcome to take this option. Currently, our Diploma in Corporate Finance and Diploma in IFRS have online exam facilities. Contact us to find out more.