Brexit Briefing, 7 September 2018

Sep 07, 2018

UK Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab travelled to Brussels this week to meet EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier and reports are emerging that the EU can see some positives in the UK’s proposals on their future trade relationship.

In other developments:

  • Germany has reportedly dropped a demand that the future trade relationship between the EU and UK should be set out in detail alongside the separation (an orderly exit and transition period is the goal here).
  • To help cope with potential shortages in fruit and vegetable, the UK will grant six month visas to non-EU nationals to come work in the UK to pick fruit and vegetables on a trial basis.
  • Pfizer says Brexit could cost them €84 million goods are slowed at borders firms have to duplicate regulatory efforts.
  • Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says again that there will be no compromise on preventing a hard border in Ireland.

And finally, in just two months, UK Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has apparently been in talks with Michel Barnier longer than his predecessor, David Davis, managed in half a year.  But, the Financial Times asks if he really has any influence?

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