Brexit Bulletin, 24 May 2019

May 23, 2019

After a few weeks of relative quiet on the Brexit front, we are back this week with our Brexit Bulletin with the news that UK Prime Minister Theresa May will resign as leader of the Conservative Party on 7 June.  Earlier this week, she had made a plea to MPs to save her Brexit deal saying she has “tried everything” to get an agreement through and it was with "deep regret" that she could not find consensus in the Parliament.   

During her embattled speech earlier this week, Theresa May made a last-minute appeal to MPs to agree to her Brexit plan, promising that she will give them a vote on whether to call another referendum to ratify the UK’s departure from the EU.  However her plea has fallen on deaf ears and that plan has now been abandoned with the announcement of her resignation this morning. 

The process to find a new leader (who will automatically become Prime Minister) will begin on 10 June and Mrs May will remain as Prime Minister until a new leader is found.  The new leader will then have to seek consensus from MPs to move Brexit forward.  

No –deal planning

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