Brexit Bulletin, 9 December 2019

Dec 09, 2019

Read this week’s bulletin for a refresher of our most-read Brexit preparedness resources. With the UK general election set to take place this week on Thursday 12 December 2019, keep an eye out for our coverage of the elections on Friday 13 December.  


At a glance: UK party manifestos compared

With the UK general election set to take place on 12 December 2019, here is a summary of the key pledges made by the top two contenders – the Conservative party and the Labour Party.

Top 5 Brexit tips

Review our handy graphic on the top five steps you can take to prepare for Brexit.


Brexit infographics

Take a look at our Brexit infographics explaining VAT and Customs for businesses under the revised Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Bill.


Guidance video: Single Administrative Document

Watch Chartered Accountants Ireland’s short video guiding through filling out the Single Administrative Document, which will be a requirement for making customs declarations post-Brexit by both Irish/UK traders to trade with the UK/EU respectively. Visit our Customs page to watch the video.


Avail of Customs Transit Procedure

The Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys is urging businesses to make sure they are prepared well in advance to avail of the Customs Transit Procedure for moving goods through the UK land bridge post-Brexit. The Customs Transit Procedure removes the requirement for businesses who are transiting goods through a non-EU country to pay duties and complete customs declarations when they enter the country and again when they leave it to re-enter the EU.

Businesses will require two things in particular to avail of the Customs Transit Procedure: 

  • A Revenue-authorised Comprehensive Guarantee, covering transit through third countries, which the UK will be post-Brexit.


  • To avail of the Transit element of that guarantee, a business must also have in place a financial guarantee from a bank, where the Department’s Credit Guarantee Scheme can be used by business to back their financial guarantee from a bank.


Read more on the procedure here.


Irish Government Brexit Supports

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation have released several Brexit preparedness supports, including the Brexit preparedness checklist, the Brexit Loan Scheme and the Getting Business Brexit Ready guide. For the full range of supports for businesses, visit the Department’s website.


Read all our updates in our Brexit web centre and our page dedicated to no-deal Brexit planning.