Brexit in Brief, 20 August 2018

Aug 20, 2018

As negotiations between the UK and EU resumed last week, the UK government will this week publish technical notes that will explain the consequences of a no deal Brexit.  In other developments, the European Medical Agency warns that it may have to scale back its work significantly as a result of Brexit.

  • UK government to publish documents this week that explain the consequences of a no deal Brexit
  • European Medical Agency staff numbers are expected to reduce by 30 percent as a result of Brexit and its work will have to be significantly scaled back
  • Latvian foreign minister says possibility of a Brexit deal is 50:50
  • "Everyone needs to prepare for the possibility of a chaotic no-deal Brexit," says UK foreign minister
  • Leaked memo reportedly says EU citizens will have a right to stay in UK in the event of no deal
  • Central Bank of Ireland is working to ensure that Irish pensioners who receive a UK pension can still receive payment in Ireland

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