Budget 2019 changes now in effect

Jan 07, 2019

A reminder of some of the changes brought about by Budget 2019 which took effect from 1 January.

Income Tax

  • The 4.75 percent rate of USC has reduced to 4.5 percent
  • The standard rate band threshold for all earnings raised by €750 i.e. single rate band increased to €35,300
  • The earned income credit for the self-employed has increased by €200 to €1,350.
  • Employers PRSI increases from 10.85 percent to 10.95 percent
  • The lower rate of employers PRSI will apply to income of €386 or less per week

VAT, betting and excise duty

  • The special 9 percent VAT rate for the hospitality sector reinstated to its original rate of 13.5 percent
  • The rate of VAT on electronic publications falls from 23 percent to 9 percent 
  • Betting tax will increase from 1 percent to 2 percent
  • For non-hybrid vehicles, a 1 percent surcharge for diesel passenger vehicles registering in Ireland will apply across all vehicle registration tax (VRT) bands