Budget 2020 and Brexit readiness

Sep 23, 2019

“Budget 2020 is more challenging than usual.” This is according to Minister Donohoe’s statement to the Budget Oversight Committee last week.  The Minister reiterated that Budget 2020 will be formulated based on a no-deal Brexit. 

He also spoke on the economic backdrop; how Ireland continues “to have one of the fastest growing economies in Europe” and “a number of significant risks to the outlook, including the increasing likelihood of a no deal Brexit.”

The Minister outlined allocation of the €2.8 billon budgetary package with only “0.7 billion to be specifically allocated as part of the Budget.” 

Steps taken by government departments, State Agencies and Revenue to make sure that Irish businesses are ready for Brexit were also outlined.    

Read Minister Donohoe’s opening statement to the Budget Oversight Committee.