CAP1 Autumn 2018 Results

Oct 12, 2018

Chartered Accountants Ireland published the CAP1 September 2018 re-sit exam results this morning. Overall the results are good and follow the good results in May 2018.
In reviewing the results Ian Browne (Head of Assessment & Syllabus) noted:

  • 63% of students achieved a pass in all papers sat with a further 20% achieving a credit (i.e. passing one or more of papers sat). This compares to 63% and 18% in 2017.  The number of students failing all subjects sat fell to 17% in 2018 from 19% in 2017;
  • Paper pass rates: The pass rates on individual papers are broadly in line with the performances of September 2017. The individual results by paper ranged from 56% to 100% for first attempt candidates. The weighted average pass rate across all papers (1st attempts only) was the same this year at 82% as it was in 2017. On an annualised basis the weighted average pass rate for all papers was up from 83% in 2017 to 86% this year. On an annualised pass rate per paper basis, only Management Accounting, showed a drop year on year with a -2% fall in annualised pass rate;
  • The flexible route candidates have continued to perform well;

Mr Browne congratulated all students on their achievement and he thanked all the training firms, lecturers, examiners and staff for their contribution towards this excellent result.

CAP1 Autumn 2018 Highlights