CAP1 student update

May 01, 2020
Update on the supports available to you while studying for the CAP1 exams later in August.

Mock Exams

The Mock exam papers for FA and Tax NI &ROI will be released on Saturday the 2nd May. The solution and recorded solution will be made available the following week.

The papers, solutions and recordings for Finance and MA are also currently available.

Exam papers

We have made both the Summer and Autumn 2019 papers available and they can be found on the essential document page. As the paper structure has changed for Tax, there are no past papers that include all of the newer topics, the sample papers however have been created will be available on the essential document page as well soon.

The recorded sessions for the Summer 2019 paper for Finance, FA, and the Tax ROI sample paper are now available in Mediasite.

Revision webinars

As part of the revision package, we will be holding webinars to answer questions you have about the Autumn 2019 paper for each subject and the Tax home assignment. We will be using a platform called padlet to capture your questions in advance so that our lecturers can prepare. The padlet links will be available next week, you’ll be able to add your questions to each column, which have been broken down into sections based on the class sessions and the home assignment. We may not be able to address all of your questions in the webinar but we will compile the answers and make them available to students, so if your question isn’t addressed in the webinar you won’t be left out.

We have also added details on how to register for each webinar on the CAP1 Essential document page. We are using a platform called GoToWebinar for our webinars.





Financial Accounting

Brian Murphy

Monday 11 May 2020



John Brennan

Tuesday 12 May 2020



Heather Stirling

Wednesday 13 May 2020


Management Accounting

Margaret D'Arcy

Thursday 14 May 2020


Tax NI

Claire Scott-McAteer

Friday 15 May 2020



Digital Textbooks

Our publishing department has collaborated with the library supply company ProQuest to provide exclusive access to its Ebook Central platform until the end of August 2020 from the Student Centre and from the link ProQuest e-book Central

Note: to access this service you will need to be logged onto the Chartered Accountants Ireland website. Only the READ ONLINE and SEARCH functions are available.

There are videos and FAQs included on ProQuest’s website to guide you on how to use Ebook Central. A useful tip is to use the Search function to find the textbook you want. If you have any questions, please email

If you have any questions please email us at