CCAB-I representations on the taxation of TWSS

Feb 22, 2021

At Main TALC last Wednesday, the CCAB-I highlighted the need for guidance on the taxation of several issues related to the TWSS. We noted that accountants need information on how to calculate the TWSS tax an employer can pay on behalf of an employee. Accountants also need information on the tax treatment of TWSS taxpayers in cases where they are jointly assessed with a self-assessed taxpayer. The CCAB-I also made representations to extend the June deadline for employers to pay TWSS tax on behalf of employers to 2022 without the imposition of BIK. Please help our representations on this issue and other importance matters by completing the survey highlighted in the story “CCAB-I Survey to inform important representations”.

Revenue said that a response to the CCAB-I’s submission is under consideration and will be provided by the end of March.  The CCAB-I emphasised that accountants are under pressure on behalf of their businesses and on behalf of clients to provide information on these matters as taxpayers wish to sort their 2020 tax position as soon as possible on foot of the Preliminary End of Year Statements issued by Revenue on 15 January.