Changes to PBN functionality

Mar 01, 2021
Pre-Boarding notifications (PBN) applies to all consignments using ferry RoRo services. Revenue has examined further enhancement to improve the capabilities of the services and as a result has introduced additional functionality for users of the PBN services. 

When inbound PBNs are being created up to two mobile phone numbers and/or an email address can be added.  These can be added up to the point that the PBN is checked in with the ferry operator. 

When the vehicle channel becomes available at 30 minutes prior to arrival of the vessel into Ireland,  Revenue will 
• Issue a text message with the channel to the mobile phone number(s) in the PBN;
• Issue an email with the channel to the email address in the PBN   

Where the original channel is Call to Customs and is subsequently updated to Exit the Port, Revenue  will notify this updating of the channel to: 
• The mobile phone number(s) by text and 
• The email address by email.  

Read Revenue's eCustoms notification 25/2021.